Strategies For Educating African American Adults


Strategies For Educating African American Adults

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By Alvin Lewis, Ph. D.

Strategies for Educating African American Adults is an engaging, enlightening, and challenging look at how to help Christian adults teach, learn, and prepare for effective ministry in the African American church and community.

Statistically, African American adults attend church, read their Bibles, and pray more than any other segment of our society. For this reason, Strategies for Educating African American Adults is an important reference as it outlines practical, easy-to-follow techniques that will enhance and revive your Christian education program.

After reading this book, you will better understand the heritage and future of Christian education in the Black church, distinguish the characteristics of the Buster, Boomer, and Builder generations, and be better equipped to overcome the obstacles of ministering to families.

“This book is a creative, much needed, and timely contribution to the spiritual health and development of the Black church.”--Dr. James Earl Massey, Dean Emeritus, Anderson University School of Theology

Currently serving as a senior pastor, Dr. Alvin Lewis is also a writer and professor. For more than 50 years he has been involved in the area of Adult Christian Education and the African American church. He prepared academically for his vocation as a pastor, educator, national leader, and international speaker by earning four degrees from Kansas State University and Garrett Theological Seminary. He has also completed professional studies at Northwestern, Indiana, and Friends universities as well as at the University of Connecticut and Trinity Theological Seminary. Dr. Lewis has written, edited, and contributed to numerous books and journals and has traveled, preached, and lectured world-wide.