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Precepts For Living Study Guide

Precepts For Living Study Guide

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If you hunger for more of God’s Word, UMI’s Personal Study Guide is for you.  designed for use with the Precepts for Living® annual commentary, this useful study aid will help you to recall what you’ve learned, clarify your understanding of the Bible and discover what God is saying to you personally, so that you can apply those lessons in your everyday life. The Personal Study Guide is essential for any serious Bible student.

You’ll learn:

  • The meaning of words and phrases in the Bible through fill-in-the-blank questions and exercises
  • Methods for memorizing Scripture
  • Details that highlight Africa’s influence on Christianity
  • Techniques to apply what you’ve learned through person reflection

How to use this guide: 

  • Read and study the lesson for the week in the Precepts for Living® annual commentary.
  • Find the pages for that week in the Study Guide and answer each question.
  • See how well you did by checking the answer key in the back of the book.
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