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Wisdom In Time Of Trouble - KOTK (10 PK)

Product Code:11-151-63

Vol. 3, No. 3 — “Wisdom in a Time of Trouble”

When a tragic incident of gun violence claims one of Mike’s friends, he tries to find ways to cope with his grief. In answer to Mike’s prayers, Wisdom gives him direction from God’s Word about encouraging others to resist violence. But when a demonic creature shows up and causes a schoolyard fight to get out of hand, it’s time for the Kidz of the King to intervene.

Character focus: Wisdom, Nonviolence

Scriptures: Matthew 7:12, Proverbs 15:1, Hebrews 10:30, Romans 12:18

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11-151-42 Who's On God's Side? Each
11-151-43 What Is Your Passion? Each
11-151-44 Staying Faithful Each
11-151-52 Yes Lord! Each
11-151-53 Is Your Whole Armor On? Each
11-151-54 The King's Story Each
11-151-63 Wisdom in a Time of Trouble Each
11-151-64 On One Accord! Each
11-151-71 The Power of Words Each
11-151-72 The Call Each
11-151-73 Love Never Fails Each
11-151-74 Doing The Right Thing Each
11-151-81 We Are Family Each
11-151-82 The Quitter Each
11-151-83 The Covenant Each
11-151-84 It's all About Me! Each
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